Heathrow Airport to London by Underground

Heathrow Airport is connected to the London Underground which makes getting to any part of the city easy and affordable. Heathrow Airport is connected to the Piccadilly Line which runs from the airport to London’s north east. Trains start running at 5am and finish at just before midnight.

If you plan on heading from central London to Heathrow using the Underground, try to avoid rush hour as the trains will be packed with commuters looking to get home and finding space to cram yourself onto thetrain will be hard enough, not to mention your luggage.

Fares on the London Underground will be cheaper if you buy an Oyster Card on arrival. This is a plastic, creditcard-like card that you can charge with money and then swipe to gain access to the subway and buses. Having one will reduce your fares for transportation while in London so if you will be in the city for a week or more, or if you plan to do a lot of travelling on public transportation, you should pick one up and start saving from day one.

Time: About 50 minutes to Central London.
Cost: Fares are £4.00 cash, £3.80 with an Oyster Card (£2.20 off-peak).

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